Get well soon….

Such a heartache day ….. I can’t believe it with my eyes….. She was doing alright the day before and the next thing I knew she is in ICU !!!! There is no symptom or any signal for it !! Seriously , I can’t deal with all these… When I walked in I saw her , and she look so weak … the only thing I come across my mind is you need to be strong no tear is allow here ….. She need your support as well as her family !!! We must have faith  in her , she will fight to the end and win the battle!!!!


Stay Strong my Friend !!! I’m with you !!!

 Don’t be afraid, you will be alright !!!! 




Wesen day! 

Yo! Long time did swing by here… Been busy like sh*t !!! Finally , can have some spare time for myself … 

1st let take a welfie before paying our bills  zzzzz …. This is what happened when an idiot met with another !!! Lolllzzzz 

Busy beeeeeeeee….. Or more like a wesen!!!!! Lollzzzz 

#ijustloveweekend #nonsense #snapshot 



Hang on !!! I’m coming…I’m coming… 

Horlla from Bali with my Pink Scooter #whatabimbobike !!!! 

Gosh my bike can’t boost up…  Both of us is struggling to catch up with the rest!!! Lollll #nonsense #thisisme #whatididonmyvacation

Stay tune gonna share my Bali “hea” trip soon…..


What an embarrassing Monday!  

Omg !! Guess what I did today…. It’s so embarrassing i wore 2 different color slip-on today without noticing it !!!! In canto we called it “ying yang” ….

The best part is I still walked all the way from car park to my desk without noticing it ….. Until I went in to a meeting with my boss and peer, only I saw my “ying yang” slip-on !!!!

This is the pic taken by  my colleague, while I’m rushing off to my car to change it !!!! Lolllll


Today , my craving had been fullfiled… And I prepared my first Japchae ( korean fried glass noodle) …

I’m impressed with myself … Succeed at my first attempt! It tasted good but he portion a bit out … Too much for 2 person!! Lollll 

Overall I’m quite statifies with the outcome except for the portion….. 


What is Friendship?


 Friendship? What do Friendship mean to You?

To me Friend is someone who always share laughter , happiness and sadness !!! And of course always standby your side whenever you needed support or shoulder to lean on…..Do you have such thinking like me ??? or i’m the only one who had such a naive thinking??

Seriously , what can you get being a Stirrer among friends?  Centre of attention ? Famous ? Mr/Ms Nice ?

I just can’t figured out why certain people just love to create trouble or play politics among friends…..You won’t earn anything from there….but only hater!  C’mom try to act like an adults and stop all these rubbish. and non sense… The more you did the more hater you get by end of the day !

Well, life go on ! Do whatever you want…STIRRER… We shall see , what you will get in return!  Always remember ” What goes around comes around” …. Be nice !  (=^_^=)



Lucky Owl Cafe , Osaka


A little throw back on my trip to Osaka last Nov!

There were few activities that were essential to my Osaka bucket list. Other than devouring gratuitous amounts of food, the most important was to visit an Owl Cafe. ( I’m in love with owls)

Initially I planned to visit Owl Family Cafe located at Tenjinbashi,, which it is a bit far from where I’m staying. One night , while I’m hunting for street food with my family around Dotonbori , I found this little cafe while I’m walking along the shop lots and noticed there is an owl statues seating there and google about it! And yes it’s an owl cafe… It only 5-10 mins walk from  Shinsaibashi where I stayed during my visit  🙂

Lucky Owl Cafe


I’m so excited when I stepped in to the cafe, reason is because this is the first time I can be so closed with them!! All you need to do is to pay JPY1500 (RM55) adult /JPY1000 (RM36.50) kid, for a drink of choice from the beverages menu and you get to hang around in the cafe for an hour to interact and photo session with all the owls. Before you can “chit chat” with the owl , of course there are a several rules you will need to follow and the staff will brief through it .Depending on your luck ,wherever the staff is English/Mandarin speaker,but don’t worry they do have a print out written in English!!! If you would like to touch or play with the owls first you will need to sanitize your hand!


After all the briefing and etc, now is time for you explore the cafe!! Actually it’s a small cafe with a glance  and there are about 5-6 small table for you to put your bag and drink. Don’t worry, you can just leave your belonging there; and start interact with all the adorable owl!!!

Great horned owl is my all time favorite!!! They look so cool and arrogant all the time…. but too bad I didn’t managed to take a proper photo with them, cause they are distracted by the construction noise out.




This is the only photo I managed to take with them…

of course there are several owls in the cafe , here they are…






Mask is sleeping ....


Momo chan

Momo chan – the tiny owl

Ling Chan

Ling chan – another type of tiny owl


Of course there is a star in the cafe, who just move to Osaka from Hokkaido …. and this during my visit he is only 8 months old …. His name is Chris, the snowy owl!!  also he is also the type of owl you see in Harry Potter!! He is so active, and understand from the staff reason he being so active is because he is still very young and still not familiar with the new place!

Chris chan

Chris, the star of the month!! He is so cute and his head can turn 360′ , don’t be scare if you happen to see them….


I wish I can bring him home….



The last photo before we leave Lucky Owl Cafe!!! I will be back …. to see all these “lazy” birds!

Thanks for having us Lucky Owl Cafe!! If you’re interested to visit them , you may check out their Facebook |Youtube

Lucky Owl Cafe
中央区道頓堀1-3-12 松村ビル2F
(1-3-12 Matsumura Bld 2F, Dotonbori, Chuoku, Osaka), Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
Nearest Train Station: Nipponbashi Station
Opening hours: 12:00 – 20:00