A walk down memory lane 2017…

In 2017 I mostly focus in my personal grown …. throughout the years there are a lot of challenges , high and low side of it! Nevertheless , it was a wonderful for me which i felt I has achieved what I want… and to be the person I want to be !

Starting 2017 , I took up a new challenge in my career path , which helped me grown a lot in my personality ; meanwhile it also gave me an idea on what I really wanted for my life and becoming a better person….

So time in April , I lose someone who I worked closely with for the past 10 years…..it really a pain to lose someone nice and you respect! Everything happened too fast ,and I don’t even have a chance to say good bye to her …. After the lost , I started to understand we shouldn’t take life for granted , we should appreciated and cherish the person , friends and family around us before thing getting too late for us. “Fay, you will be missed !”

I went on a holidays to Bali Indonesia with my buddies in May ,overall this is a “NO activities” trips where I just spent time with a few close friends to celebrate life , trying out new restaurant in town. This is the annual trip that we promised each other we will travel and spent time together to re-charge.

The biggest highlight in 2017 , was definitely buying a home ! I never thought this day would come but it finally here. I feel so real , blessed and fortunate to ave my own house; after years and years of hard work . And it seem to be pay off now. It definitely bring me to the next chapter of my life , and I’m glad to share with everyone ! ^_*

Well , I keep asking myself what I want to achieved in 2018, and how I can push my boundaries …… Honestly I being asking myself everyday, but I don’t seem to get any answer for it…. Perhaps I should go for a short trip to think about it .. what I want in 2018 ….

To be continue

xoxo, Louise


Nothing much to say about ,it really a very sad day for me and those who being working , live closely with Joe …

Today he lose his battle and moved on to begin a new life …. Now everything has come to an end , thanks for your guidance , you always be there to support us Boss…

You’ll be missed and always in our heart ! May you Rest In Peace…..

xoxo, Louise

New Journey …

On this one fine day , I decided to come out from my comfort zone and commit to something which I had love hate relationship with……

Therefore yesterday , I went and view it and I quite like it and I decide to take it up and strike off from my wish list and to make it mine … and start off a new chapter of my life…. Of course at the same time I would also need to scarifies something which I’m having today!!!

For now  thing still on going , I do not have any solid statement for it! As I’m also waiting for a good news  on which I’m excited for , and also I hated !!!!

Stay tune for more update on this project !


Hardwork pay off….

Again it’s performance season , where everybody is taking about the letter that their manager is going to release to them !! Some people will be very happy and some will be unhappy or sad…

This year is my 1st time releasing letter to people , and the ironic part is that the rating , wasn’t done by me …. All had been finalised before I took over the team ! However I’ll be the one who need to relsease the letter the team, and of course I won’t have any comment or input for all….

I feel bad when I hand out the letter to the staff who doesn’t do well in their performance review in 2016! Although some of the people for me i think they dont deserve such rating , but what can I say more … Let work it out in 2017! Sometime i;m thinking , how could a manager didn’t even mentioned to their staff on what is upcoming tregedy or disaster that gonna hit them….. at least give them a head up to ready on what is going to hit them….

And for myself, finally all my hardwork pay off I got what I wish for ! At least I can balance up the stress and thingy I seen now ….. wish me luck! I’m thinking how long I can actually hold on to my current position !

I’m thinking of starting something new .. New job scope … new position , new enviroment ….. Meanwhile wish me luck on my new challenage and work that I’m currently holding ….


I has a companies ?

Hello! Had been a few weeks since my last post, would like to share some story and thing happened during my recent trip to Chenna ,  India . ( Don’t wonder , I’m not there for holiday but work)

Yo… 1st day I had got my heart attacked…. this happened while i’m on my way to the hotel, the gap between 2 cars are so close!!! It close to the extend I can actually touch the side mirror or the face of the other car driver …. Can’t you imgine that !!! It was so scary … it always give me the feeling that the 2 cars are going to hit each other at the edge…. and of course you will get used to it after a few days.  (  I get used to it on my 3rd days).

However , there is one thing I never understand and get used to is the ” Horn” , that everybody is using while they driving … Literary you will get a horn every 5 seconds, serious I’m not joking, to me “Horn” is one of the communication tools in India other than a phone !!! So , if you’re having headache you may need to get ready your medinice or essential oil to help on it 🙂

Now is something related with the post !!!! I think i got campanies on my 1st night in the hotel (FYI-I’m staying alone) but i’m not too sure about it! I will share here , and you tell me if I really have an companies or due to the electrick failsure or genset recharge.

Story started around at 11 in the night,  I dimed the lamp on the bedside table , while I’m still watching netflix and preparing to go to bed. Suddenly I heard music playing from my mobile which it on another bedside table where I leave it for charging. I feel wierd of course , so I rolled myself to the other of the bed and took the phone and it was showing a video from twiter and some random link on it ( I remembered before I put it to charge I had locked and cleared off all the apps)! What You think? To me maybe I accidently press the phone without noticing it … But guess what , it happened twice in the night!!!

After the phone thingy , I back to netflix again to finish up where I stopped early then the lamp started to flick…. I get frasturate  with all these! For the 1st time I just ignored it , I think maybe it due to the unstablity of electric supply back here …  but it seem getting moree often and I actually looking at the lamp and started to talk to it ,I actually asked the lamp ” what you actually want? And can you please stop it !”… lol… this is an one way communicaton of course !!! After I talked to it , I just turn up the volume  to brighten the room!

These are the incident happened during my 1st night in the hotel….. after that all went well, so what do you think? Did i get a companies on my first night orr just due to some failure happen or my fat finger or toes did something to my phone and lamp .. and etc …

ok time to get myself a cup of coffee.. cheers… ciao..