Wonderful day!

I would named today as Souvenir’s day for me! Why? The reason is because I received quite numbers of souvenirs in a few weeks!! And for today itself I got 2 souvenir from 2 different places! And all these are my favorite!!

Let me share with you , what I received for Today I got an owl Magical Ocarina from Taiwan by Stella & Kat. Its so cute and lovely… Currently I had one in my collection which I bought during my first visit to Taiwan few years back, now I can named them as Happy Family !

Not only that, I also received a souvenir from Korea and it’s an owl’s bell! A new item to my collection, I dont have an owl bell so far!! Thanks Luckky for it!!

20131112-233307.jpgWith this bell, I guess it’s a hint from Luckky, next time If I’m looking for her I can just shake it then she will appear in front of me just like a maid !!! Hahahahaha

**Throw back** Peter & Chien bought me an owl warmer from London! Well this is also a new items for my collection!!! This puffy owl it so cute and comfortable!!!

There is a label mentioned,you can put it in microwave to heat it and make it warm*definitely a No*

Lastly, there is another pair of beautiful owls from Venetian ,I have to share with you all!! They are so beautiful and I can’t take my eyes off them!

These beautiful creature are made from the famous Murano glass in Venetian!!! I would like to thank Roger and Dan for bring it back for me as a souvenir! They are so precious, and stunning to me … But I’m not sure how you feel about them. *wink wink + happy*

With all your contribution my owl collection is growing!!! Thank u so much my dear friends!!! A big thank to all of you!!!!

xoxo, Louise

Thanks for the Great celebration !

I would like to thank to all my buddies from cantoi , ala bagui and D’purple group!!! Thanks for all the wonderful celebration & gift for my 2012 birthday!!!!

Cantoi aka Alabagui Bday collection

Especially thanks to Rachel & Pei Kei for organising the surprised celebration plus “accompany” for shopping ( 2 days in the row) , anyway after that I found out actually its part of the surprised plan… which mean they are not really “sincere” want to go shopping with me … down… Other than the surprised celebration, Rachel also prepared a great gift for me … which I think its cool and nice !!!

… The “Cantoi aka Ala Bagui ” Photo Frame…

Thanks Dude!!!

Besides that , I would like to thanks to Ann for fulling her promised on giving me an OWL b’day cake this year as she promised on year 2011!!! She made it .. and I heard from other , she and Pik Hung been searching for bakery for this custom cake !!! * hug hug * I really like it so much , it would be great if I can keep it without eating it !! ..LOL.. Alright If you are reading this post for sure you will be scolding me ” gong bin” … * looking @ Ann*

Very 1st OWL cake in my life!!! Loving it!!!

Lovely owl Bday cake 2012

It’s really make my day, besides than thanking Ann, I would also love to thanks to all my boss & colleagues in office for celebrating my 30th birthday to make it merry and cheerful!!!

Owl + Louise = prefect match