Where is the Party?

Today I received this SMS!! And its so surprised that I really won myself 2 tickets for 2D1N stay party aka “Where is the Party” by Carlsberg & Movida

Oh man!! Really is my lucky day… Well I would like to thanks Carlsberg & MOVIDAGroup for it… Cant wait for party now!!! Are you ready people out there????

Spot my name?? Which one is Louise???


Dan , Deekay & my partner ,Rachel are you ready to party???

Stay tune for my update where the party will be ….


I’m coming …*excited*

OMG !! I ‘m so excited … I’m going to Universal Studio next weekend… Finally I make it!!! I been waiting for it since last year…. I’m coming .. I’m coming !!!

universal studio SG
I'm coming

Besides visiting Universal Studio!!!  VS is there too…. again is time to re-stock!!! OMFG!!! There is a VS ( Victoria Secret Store) there !!!! LOL… * song-kah-lingam*

Shopping @ VS
VS !!!!

*excited* ~Louise

“Festival of Lights”

* Happy Happy*

Happy Diwali a.k.a Deepavali to those who celebrating this festival! May you have a great time with family and friends! And for those who are  no celebrating it, have a great day off with the love one or etc!!!

However for those who have no idea about this festival is time for your to excel your general knowledge …..

Diwali or Deepavali  popularly known as the “festival of lights”, is celebrated between mid-October and mid-November for different reasons. For Hindus, Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes. taken from Wikipedia, Diwali .

Happy Deepavali !

Once again wishes all Hindu , Happy Deepavali !!! Have a great time with family and friends!!!!

For Deekay , Happy Deepavali to you and family! Hope you have a great celebration this year!!!


I’m off ….

Don’t be jealous !! I’m off again … Started from yesterday until coming Tuesday ….….

This round I just want to get some off times for myself to relax and rest at home without doing angling just lying on my bed and do nothing ….just like this song ” The Lazy Song” sing by Burno Marc. It’s well describe and match with my day now!!!! Such a wonderful day ….

A day off without having any plan is so great… You can always plan your activities based on your mood and feeling on that day… Just do whatever you like without any restriction …. No hurry at all … Take thing slow and easy , enjoy every single moment of it … It really beautiful …. ….

Like now, I just cleared my errand straight aways I decided to treat myself with a 2 hours massage at Reborn Foot & Reflexology!!! Which is just 5mins walk after my errand venue…

Moreover now they ate having happy hours for massage too ,whereby you buy 2hours only cost RM 98 ,normal price is RM60 …it’s really cheap yet their skills are good too !!! Worth to come for pampering yourselves….….. And the love one !

Seriously now I feel so sleepy …. Want to take a nap by now while the “Sifu” is Massaging on my foot …. Sign off from now to enjoy my day with a wonderful meal plus massage …. ….


Long old friend ….

Catch up with old friend is such a wonderful thing which I can do back at home!!
After staying back here for almost a week, I found out that there is nothing much I can do back here  other than relaxing at home!!! Meanwhile  I browse my phone book in my phone , there is no one I can really call or look for!!!!  Very pathetic !!! The reason is most of them are working , married with kids while  I’m the only one who is free and do nothing back here …
Last night , I went to Pei’s  residence to catch up with her  where we  leave out from our chat !  It feel so good & happy while chatting with her and also playing her baby girl , Nico! She is so tiny and look like ” Thumbelina” … She is so adorable! While I’m chatting with Pei, Addrew came out from his bedroom with his sleepy eyes… LOL.. although he feel so sleepy but he insist want to chat with me ..But I’m so bad I don’t want to talk to him , I keep pushing him back to sleep !!!!
Ended up, he went back to his bed room with tear… Sound very bad , right.. cause I don’t want him to stay awake too long else later he can’t go back to sleep anymore….
Da Little one , Nico
Da Little one , Nico
D' Bro , Addrew
D' Bro , Addrew
While chatting with Pei she showed me a book which title ” 毛头小鹰” aka “Baby Owl”, which I can’t bring as the book is belong to her friend…. Reading through the book I snap a few shoot from it , which I think it’s cute ….
Cutie Owl !
Owl expression
Owl 1
Try to be a one of Mice
Owl 2
Try to be a Bird ...
D little one try to be an ostrich!