His farewell…

Today is his farewell dinner! It’s been a while since he decided to take up the new challenge in his life!!! No matter what , all the best dude!!!!

Ops … Forget to mention who is he, the rocker Jeffrey !!!

Tonight dinner take place at Jogoya, Starhill. It’s a buffet style Japanese cuisine . Today all the food is quite fresh … And all of us eat like a pig. Check out the food on our table …

After dinner is time for i-pic.. This pic was taken by Jeffrey before we leave the restaurant…


Dude we gonna miss you soon… But not now!!!

xoxo, Louise

Thanks for the Great celebration !

I would like to thank to all my buddies from cantoi , ala bagui and D’purple group!!! Thanks for all the wonderful celebration & gift for my 2012 birthday!!!!

Cantoi aka Alabagui Bday collection

Especially thanks to Rachel & Pei Kei for organising the surprised celebration plus “accompany” for shopping ( 2 days in the row) , anyway after that I found out actually its part of the surprised plan… which mean they are not really “sincere” want to go shopping with me … down… Other than the surprised celebration, Rachel also prepared a great gift for me … which I think its cool and nice !!!

… The “Cantoi aka Ala Bagui ” Photo Frame…

Thanks Dude!!!

Besides that , I would like to thanks to Ann for fulling her promised on giving me an OWL b’day cake this year as she promised on year 2011!!! She made it .. and I heard from other , she and Pik Hung been searching for bakery for this custom cake !!! * hug hug * I really like it so much , it would be great if I can keep it without eating it !! ..LOL.. Alright If you are reading this post for sure you will be scolding me ” gong bin” … * looking @ Ann*

Very 1st OWL cake in my life!!! Loving it!!!

Lovely owl Bday cake 2012

It’s really make my day, besides than thanking Ann, I would also love to thanks to all my boss & colleagues in office for celebrating my 30th birthday to make it merry and cheerful!!!

Owl + Louise = prefect match


















Happy day for her!

23rd Nov 1982,It’s a special day !! On this day, there is a baby girl was born and this lady today become one of my best friend… meanwhile she also become our “sexy-tary” , she arranged all activities for us… Eg: birthday dinner & present , boil  herb tea  , delivered food to you while you’re sick and so on…. Whenever you need her she will be there for you….

Who is she ??? She is Ms Phang ,our sexytary….

Rac's bday
Happy Bday!

 “Happy Birthday & may you dream come true soon! ” 

Again , this year I won’t be able to  celebrate your birthday with you..however hope you like the gift  and also have great year ahead !! Will celebrate with you again once I’m home !!! Take care long old friend… Miss you and the rest!!!!

love, Louise