New Journey …

On this one fine day , I decided to come out from my comfort zone and commit to something which I had love hate relationship with……

Therefore yesterday , I went and view it and I quite like it and I decide to take it up and strike off from my wish list and to make it mine … and start off a new chapter of my life…. Of course at the same time I would also need to scarifies something which I’m having today!!!

For now  thing still on going , I do not have any solid statement for it! As I’m also waiting for a good news  on which I’m excited for , and also I hated !!!!

Stay tune for more update on this project !


What is Friendship?

 Friendship? What do Friendship mean to You?

To me Friend is someone who always share laughter , happiness and sadness !!! And of course always standby your side whenever you needed support or shoulder to lean on…..Do you have such thinking like me ??? or i’m the only one who had such a naive thinking??

Seriously , what can you get being a Stirrer among friends?  Centre of attention ? Famous ? Mr/Ms Nice ?

I just can’t figured out why certain people just love to create trouble or play politics among friends…..You won’t earn anything from there….but only hater!  C’mom try to act like an adults and stop all these rubbish. and non sense… The more you did the more hater you get by end of the day !

Well, life go on ! Do whatever you want…STIRRER… We shall see , what you will get in return!  Always remember ” What goes around comes around” …. Be nice !  (=^_^=)



Let’s pray!

Holy shit! Another bombing in BKK! Seriously all these people got nothing better to do in their life instead of bombing !! 

My condolences to the victim and family! Stay strong ! 

Learnt that a family of 7 , went for a holiday in Bkk and 5 died , only 2 make it through the bombing !  #staystrong

Saddest news ever….  I couldn’t imagined the pain they gonna face after all! Hope they will be fine soon .


I would like to say thanks to Hot mama for delivering my long over due bracelet to me on her birthday… I feel so loved with it !!!

Again thanks babe!! If you’re reading it , but i doubt you’re … LoL…

Cut all the crap , Let me show you my lovely yet cool customized bracelet ….

This is how it look inside the box….

Another photo of this beautiful art…

Let’s take a closer look…


Ops I just recalled I had a clearer pic of my bracelet!!! Come on let check out …


This beautiful piece of art is made by Faeries Moonshine with Swarovski elements!!! Price are reasonable too…. If you’re interested drop me a message


Was flipping a magazine the other day and came across this cafe , they named themselves as Doors… And finally today I pay a visit to this cozy coffee , art & music coffee house….

mintcoffee and lemon ginger










No doubt it’s a nice place to visit for gathering or bff night out and etc….. I had visited so many cafe, this cafe gave me homely feel, maybe is becz of the lighting ( very dim light) and jazz music is playing all night long ..








Definitely I will be back to this homely yet cozy coffee house again to try out their food menu!!! Today didn’t have any chance cause the kitchen is closed and their last call for food is at 6pm ! So if you’re like me wanted to try their food you need to be here before 6pm else …..

xoxo, Louise