Happy Lunar New Year !

Today is first day of Chinese New Year!!

May this fire roster will bring you & your family joyful, prosperity and wealthy year ahead!!!!! 

During this festive season , make sure we all are well behave and don’t drink and drive, and be nice to people … lolllz , unbelievable!  And of course don’t forget to collect ang pao like we used to do …. last but not least whack all the new year biscuits and drink a lot lot of water!!

xoxo, Louise

Get well soon….

Such a heartache day ….. I can’t believe it with my eyes….. She was doing alright the day before and the next thing I knew she is in ICU !!!! There is no symptom or any signal for it !! Seriously , I can’t deal with all these… When I walked in I saw her , and she look so weak … the only thing I come across my mind is you need to be strong no tear is allow here ….. She need your support as well as her family !!! We must have faith  in her , she will fight to the end and win the battle!!!!


Stay Strong my Friend !!! I’m with you !!!

 Don’t be afraid, you will be alright !!!! 




I’m with 2016!

Happy New Year, it gonna be a Beautiful year to everyone  ‼️‼️‼️‼️

I had a wonderful time with all my buddies by having NYE dinner @ Meja KL Trec …. Celebrating with awesome and beautiful people is always a happiest thing to do !!! I’m glad to have all of them to be by my side to welcome another gorgeous 2016 year with me  !!!!

Cheerssssssss …..

My bitches!!!! Love you all!! It’s great to have all of you by my side 😘

Ok, is time for me to head out!!! By the way, I’m @ Langkawi for a short trip to spicy up my 2016!!!

See you soon!!! *chao*


Let’s welcome it

Few more hours , we are going to say Good Bye and thank to 2014! and Say Hello to 2015… so what is your plan on last Wednesday night for 2014???

For those who is going for drinking , please be safe and don;t drink & drive…. however those who still don’t have any plan , make a plan now….

Happy advance New Year to you and your family! 








xoxo, Louise

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!!!

Ops today already 30 Dec!!! Before I proceed , let me wish everyone a Merry & Blessed Christmas and of course a Happy New Year!!!

Do all your 2014 resolution clear as per your list?? Or there are still pending to be done? Or again is time for you to start off to scratch a new list for 2015!?!?!

Well for me there isn’t any bucket or resolution ! …LoL …Even I don’t have any resolution set , but i managed to achieve more than one target I randomly set !!

The most impressive part of the year would be I signed up a gym membership!!! … LoL… And I did attended classes, running on the Trackmill ,and etc!!!

To be continue soon…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to You and your family !!