Health Sunday?

Guess what I did on the sunny Sunday?!? You will never believe on what I have done!!! Even myself also can’t believe it!!!!! I went cycling today!!!!!

Again our last min plan, cycling at Cahaya Hill, Shah Alam. After I heard what is their plan I’m still thinking want to join them for the plan or not?? I can’t remember when was my last cycling !

At last, I also joined them for the cycling When I started the ride! I regretted cause there are so many slope!! It’s killing ms and I can’t handle it … I can only handle straight and long ride without any slope….

After 30mins ride , few of us decided to turn back … Cause we are too tired to continue the journey!! After this trip, i found out that I really long time didn’t exercise already, totally don’t have stamina for all these sport activity!!!! I guess is time to pick up a regular exercise to keep ourselves health…. (but I guess the chances that i would pick up is very low) ^_^

Camwhoring while waiting for other to come back….


Again camwhoring…

Initially it should be a health Sunday, however it turned to a torturing Sunday for me !! I need to stay away from these sport activity for a while to balance up … LOL …

What you think , should I?

xoxo, Louise

Where is the Party?

Today I received this SMS!! And its so surprised that I really won myself 2 tickets for 2D1N stay party aka “Where is the Party” by Carlsberg & Movida

Oh man!! Really is my lucky day… Well I would like to thanks Carlsberg & MOVIDAGroup for it… Cant wait for party now!!! Are you ready people out there????

Spot my name?? Which one is Louise???


Dan , Deekay & my partner ,Rachel are you ready to party???

Stay tune for my update where the party will be ….


I’m coming …*excited*

OMG !! I ‘m so excited … I’m going to Universal Studio next weekend… Finally I make it!!! I been waiting for it since last year…. I’m coming .. I’m coming !!!

universal studio SG
I'm coming

Besides visiting Universal Studio!!!  VS is there too…. again is time to re-stock!!! OMFG!!! There is a VS ( Victoria Secret Store) there !!!! LOL… * song-kah-lingam*

Shopping @ VS
VS !!!!

*excited* ~Louise