Get well soon….

Such a heartache day ….. I can’t believe it with my eyes….. She was doing alright the day before and the next thing I knew she is in ICU !!!! There is no symptom or any signal for it !! Seriously , I can’t deal with all these… When I walked in I saw her , and she look so weak … the only thing I come across my mind is you need to be strong no tear is allow here ….. She need your support as well as her family !!! We must have faith  in her , she will fight to the end and win the battle!!!!


Stay Strong my Friend !!! I’m with you !!!

 Don’t be afraid, you will be alright !!!! 




The Moment

Shared your “moment” with someone you trust!

Moment sharing play an important role in our life! Why I say so?? Because I believe in it! Wherever I feel sad or stress , I will try to share it with the trusted one.. Before it screwed me up!!!

I feel better after throwing it out , it helps to clear my head and it make me a better person… Meanwhile I also managed to get advise from them on how or what to do with it!!!

So please do not keep all the “story” within your head!! You need to let is go else it will mess up your mind and You will started to feel lost!!! Once you feel lost then you’re Fuxked !!! A lot of non-sense gonna happen between you and your friends and family. Cause you started to lost all your mind and thought! Which its the most scary part!!!

So make sure you have bonding time once a while with your friend to refresh your head and mind as well as soul!



Wonderful day!

I would named today as Souvenir’s day for me! Why? The reason is because I received quite numbers of souvenirs in a few weeks!! And for today itself I got 2 souvenir from 2 different places! And all these are my favorite!!

Let me share with you , what I received for Today I got an owl Magical Ocarina from Taiwan by Stella & Kat. Its so cute and lovely… Currently I had one in my collection which I bought during my first visit to Taiwan few years back, now I can named them as Happy Family !

Not only that, I also received a souvenir from Korea and it’s an owl’s bell! A new item to my collection, I dont have an owl bell so far!! Thanks Luckky for it!!

20131112-233307.jpgWith this bell, I guess it’s a hint from Luckky, next time If I’m looking for her I can just shake it then she will appear in front of me just like a maid !!! Hahahahaha

**Throw back** Peter & Chien bought me an owl warmer from London! Well this is also a new items for my collection!!! This puffy owl it so cute and comfortable!!!

There is a label mentioned,you can put it in microwave to heat it and make it warm*definitely a No*

Lastly, there is another pair of beautiful owls from Venetian ,I have to share with you all!! They are so beautiful and I can’t take my eyes off them!

These beautiful creature are made from the famous Murano glass in Venetian!!! I would like to thank Roger and Dan for bring it back for me as a souvenir! They are so precious, and stunning to me … But I’m not sure how you feel about them. *wink wink + happy*

With all your contribution my owl collection is growing!!! Thank u so much my dear friends!!! A big thank to all of you!!!!

xoxo, Louise

1st attempted!

Throw back from weekend!! Guess what I done ?? I baked!


pic taken after I have done my baking with my ” lava cake” …

These are the required ingredients for my baking, It’s simple and nice !


I tried to bake Lava Cake or known as Warm Heart Chocolate Cake but I failed 🙁 as I over baked the cake and it become a chocolate cake instead of Lava.  Another reason it failed because we used the wrong mold , we should used a glass ramekin instead of a steel mold!


My very first Chocolate Cake!!!


Closer look at my chocolate cake! Although I failed my mission of lava cake,  but it still tasted yummy to me cause it’s baked by me! hehehe

xoxo, Louise