I’m the big bad wolf today!

It been a while I heard about this Restaurant , Three Lillte Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf which located at Bangsar Village (old wings). It just right beside Cold Storage! They have an unremarkable door inside cold storage right in front if sushi bar !!!

Finally, I’m here for my brunch with a friend of mine on this sunny Sunday!!! We can’t wait to flip though their menu, after couple mins we make our order for the day….

After 10mins our orders arrived!

20130630-172011.jpgCaeser Salad , RM22

The green was the 1st dish of the day!!! The simple and ordinary Caeser salad,It served with porky bacon and a bread-crumbed egg on top!!! *yummy*

Then follow by the signature Roast Pork Fried Rice!! OMG, it’s yummy!! However if you can’t take spicy , you gonna get ready a few classes of water to standby ! Cause the more I ate, I felt the fire in my mouth is spreading ….however I like it !! :p
Well they actually used a different kind of rice for it. It’s slightly shorter & fatter than our normal white rice ; do not ask me what rice is that. I have no idea at all …
Roast Pork Fried Rice, RM19
The Wolf Favorite Pasta,RM28
20130630-171736.jpg Being one of the restaurant favorite!! Whet the appetite, it nicely design with a poached egg on top , and surrounded with crispy bacons…. It was really good! Unlikely most pasta after which leaves an oily residue on your mouth! This was nicely cooked and not too oily and flavorful!

Well if you’re a pork fans then definitely you should come and try out! Personally, I think their food is good!!! I kind of like it… Maybe you try out and let me know what you think! 🙂


Health Sunday?

Guess what I did on the sunny Sunday?!? You will never believe on what I have done!!! Even myself also can’t believe it!!!!! I went cycling today!!!!!

Again our last min plan, cycling at Cahaya Hill, Shah Alam. After I heard what is their plan I’m still thinking want to join them for the plan or not?? I can’t remember when was my last cycling !

At last, I also joined them for the cycling When I started the ride! I regretted cause there are so many slope!! It’s killing ms and I can’t handle it … I can only handle straight and long ride without any slope….

After 30mins ride , few of us decided to turn back … Cause we are too tired to continue the journey!! After this trip, i found out that I really long time didn’t exercise already, totally don’t have stamina for all these sport activity!!!! I guess is time to pick up a regular exercise to keep ourselves health…. (but I guess the chances that i would pick up is very low) ^_^

Camwhoring while waiting for other to come back….


Again camwhoring…

Initially it should be a health Sunday, however it turned to a torturing Sunday for me !! I need to stay away from these sport activity for a while to balance up … LOL …

What you think , should I?

xoxo, Louise