Happy 2017!

Yo people! How 2017 treating so far? Hope that everyone had a good & smooth start for the year ….

I know … I know… the post is slightly delay and late too…. I’m couple of weeks late! At least , I make my affort to put in my post today ….

I began my year with a movie called ” The Great Wall”…with a few of my closed friends! It’s a 2 hours long movie, and I kind of enjoy it after the movie we went for tea some where nearby our house ….Where and How you spend your NYE ?

“Happy New Year !!”


42056 #lego

Been waiting for it to come home with me…..

Finally today you’re home with me !!!!

I’m so excited … Can’t wait to brick it now ! One more items scraped off from my bucket list of 2016!! How many more to go…. I wonder!

Don’t judge … everyone have their own wish list to be fulfill !

I will share more pic once I unbox this sweeties….


Get well soon….

Such a heartache day ….. I can’t believe it with my eyes….. She was doing alright the day before and the next thing I knew she is in ICU !!!! There is no symptom or any signal for it !! Seriously , I can’t deal with all these… When I walked in I saw her , and she look so weak … the only thing I come across my mind is you need to be strong no tear is allow here ….. She need your support as well as her family !!! We must have faith  in her , she will fight to the end and win the battle!!!!


Stay Strong my Friend !!! I’m with you !!!

 Don’t be afraid, you will be alright !!!! 




Wesen day! 

Yo! Long time did swing by here… Been busy like sh*t !!! Finally , can have some spare time for myself …

1st let take a welfie before paying our bills  zzzzz …. This is what happened when an idiot met with another !!! Lolllzzzz

Busy beeeeeeeee….. Or more like a wesen!!!!! Lollzzzz

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