I’m with 2016!

Happy New Year, it gonna be a Beautiful year to everyone  ‼️‼️‼️‼️

I had a wonderful time with all my buddies by having NYE dinner @ Meja KL Trec …. Celebrating with awesome and beautiful people is always a happiest thing to do !!! I’m glad to have all of them to be by my side to welcome another gorgeous 2016 year with me  !!!!

Cheerssssssss …..

My bitches!!!! Love you all!! It’s great to have all of you by my side 😘

Ok, is time for me to head out!!! By the way, I’m @ Langkawi for a short trip to spicy up my 2016!!!

See you soon!!! *chao*


Day 2- I’m on holidays!

What I had done for today? Exploring  District 1 of HCM , heart of the city! Also of course my favourite activity , food hunting !

After one day of exploring , the only thing i can be sure would be there are a lot of bikes in the city … And the road is always busy and full of bikes…. 

District 1 HCM,look like a mini KL to me; maybe because it’s still under development . I didn’t visit any of the attarction nearby ( just don’t feel like going ) , perhaps Sat I will check them out 🙂 .. But I booked an one day tour to Mekong Delta tomorrow ! 

Wondering what I had today?? Lolllz …! Today I went to a famous hand pull noodle , Tam Hao ! 

Please ignored the 2 photobombs
Main entrance of the restaurant , and please ignored the 2 photobombs
Our appetizer “Bánh củ cải” or Turnip cakes
My lunch , “Mì sốt dầu hào & nấm” (Noodle with mushroom & Oyster sauce )
“Mì xá xíu sủi cảo” or Noodle with char siu and clear soup

Basically, today I didn’t do much just walked around and huntfor local food! I managed to try their famous spring roll at this restaurant,Gánh . I forget to snap a pic for this restaurant! 

I had my tea time here and ordered a platter and spring rolls….  

  Then follow by my dinner…. Went for an French dinner recommended by a friend, La Nicoise! If you’re hungry, please off it … Else you might ended up cursing me … Lolzzzz 

Dinner of the night…. 


… Alio Olio …
Salad Nicoise ( served with Tuna)
BBQ pork culets

Yeah I know , I had too much of foods today!!! Lollllll …  

Before I sign off for the day let me share one last pic …. This is the traditional classic Vietnam Coffee….  “Phuc Long” … 


Lollszzzz dont curse me please…. Im going to bed now… Getting ready for my Mekong Tour tomorrow …. Nightz!!! 


Day 1- I’m on holidays!

Hei people ! I’m in Ho Chi Minh now…. Reached here around 5pm , and have some rest in our hotel before heading for dinner with a new meet friend Alex. 

He brought us to a local restaurant called “Bun Bo Ganh 88”, Omg they really served great pho (noodle); noodle is so “Q” and soup is nice compare to the one I had in KL! Such a big different!!! OMG!!

“Ta-da” this is the shop which served yummy spicy noodle …. 

Ba Bun Ganh 88
interior of Bun Bo Ganh 88

I have no idea what was written on the menu, luckily Alex is there to translate for us , else we have no idea what is what.. .At last I decided to have their legandary ice coffee! It smell & taste so good!  

Let me present my dinner to you,this is so yummy!!! In this big bowl of noodle it consist of beef, pork, pork balls, & fish cake! Yummilicious ! 


“Bun bo” ( Spicy noodles)
Next on the list is a local snack caller rice cake. It’s so delicious too, it taste like our yam cakes 🙂 

“Banh Beo” ( Rice Cakes)

Ready for the year of Horse?

新年快乐 (xin nian kuai le) !! aka Happy Chinese New Year!

I bet everyone is busy with their reunion dinner now !!! I had done mine … simple and fast 😉 … this year again my family decided to have the traditional reunion dinner ,  Steamboat . What about yours ? What you had for your dinner? Steamboat as well… or your family planned something special … Let’s share with me , so I can apply to my family  next year, as I’m feel bored with steamboat plus I’m not a steamboat person also …

Before the network get congested , I would like to with all of you Happy Horse Year to you and your beloved family !! and May your dream come true , stay healthy & wealthy throughout the year!!!

*Huat ar !! Huat ar !! Huat ar!! *  

Happy 2014