I’m with 2016!

Happy New Year, it gonna be a Beautiful year to everyone  ‼️‼️‼️‼️

I had a wonderful time with all my buddies by having NYE dinner @ Meja KL Trec …. Celebrating with awesome and beautiful people is always a happiest thing to do !!! I’m glad to have all of them to be by my side to welcome another gorgeous 2016 year with me  !!!!

Cheerssssssss …..

My bitches!!!! Love you all!! It’s great to have all of you by my side 😘

Ok, is time for me to head out!!! By the way, I’m @ Langkawi for a short trip to spicy up my 2016!!!

See you soon!!! *chao*


Wonderful day!

I would named today as Souvenir’s day for me! Why? The reason is because I received quite numbers of souvenirs in a few weeks!! And for today itself I got 2 souvenir from 2 different places! And all these are my favorite!!

Let me share with you , what I received for Today I got an owl Magical Ocarina from Taiwan by Stella & Kat. Its so cute and lovely… Currently I had one in my collection which I bought during my first visit to Taiwan few years back, now I can named them as Happy Family !

Not only that, I also received a souvenir from Korea and it’s an owl’s bell! A new item to my collection, I dont have an owl bell so far!! Thanks Luckky for it!!

20131112-233307.jpgWith this bell, I guess it’s a hint from Luckky, next time If I’m looking for her I can just shake it then she will appear in front of me just like a maid !!! Hahahahaha

**Throw back** Peter & Chien bought me an owl warmer from London! Well this is also a new items for my collection!!! This puffy owl it so cute and comfortable!!!

There is a label mentioned,you can put it in microwave to heat it and make it warm*definitely a No*

Lastly, there is another pair of beautiful owls from Venetian ,I have to share with you all!! They are so beautiful and I can’t take my eyes off them!

These beautiful creature are made from the famous Murano glass in Venetian!!! I would like to thank Roger and Dan for bring it back for me as a souvenir! They are so precious, and stunning to me … But I’m not sure how you feel about them. *wink wink + happy*

With all your contribution my owl collection is growing!!! Thank u so much my dear friends!!! A big thank to all of you!!!!

xoxo, Louise


Day of C.H.A.N.G.E aka UBAH finally here!!!! 5th May 2013, GE13!!!

Have you done your part? I just done mine! I gave out my virgin vote to the Best … Hope they won’t failed us , the citizens in Malaysia who put their hope on Them!!


Let’s hope & pray for the bright future !!! Have you done your part as a Malaysian? If not yet hurry up…. Let’s go vote a better life !!!!
Ini Kali Lah!!!

xoxo, Louise

Coffee with my gals

Last weekend , I attended one of my high school mate’s wedding dinner back at my hometown , The land of Ho Chiak!

While attending the dinner , I managed to catch up with some old friends and also have a great gathering too …. *happy*….

Meanwhile , I also managed to spent sometime with my gal, AiPei!


It’s really great!!! It been a long time I didn’t spent time & chat with her !!! Finally this trips I managed to catch up with her !!!

Other than meeting up for chatting , we also have our food marathon!!! Where we named it as ” Fat die day!!!”
First we went for our favourite Laksa, Kota Permai.

Then follow by ” Cai Kuih” @ Kota Permai .

After that, we moved to a cafe called Bloggers for our coffee! And we order like a pig and eat like a pig too !!!

First is black forest cake!

Then, sandwich with potato wedges…

We ordered French fries too , it’s a must plus my fav snack!


Lastly is Rachel fav French toast


Coffee time of course must have a pic of it , they are the main character!!! Each of us order different coffee !
I got myself a Halzenut latte and Pei got herself a latte too, however Rachel got herself a Cuppocino ! Then we start out ladies topic ….





I had a wonderful weekend although it’s quite tiring !!! But I have a great time and moment ! Thanks ladies …

xoxo, Louise