Great 31!

Happy Birthday to myself !!! I survived another years!!! And this year I turn 31 and I had a wonderful and craziest celebration for it!!!

It was an unplanned and u expected from Rachel, Dan, Ken , Fred & Stef!! We have a great time on Friday night my bday eve!!!! We went Movida Puchong, for couple of drinks ended up we had 30 bottles of beer , a bottle of wine and champagne , 3 flamings & 6 tequilas !!!! Oh man !! I was freaking high … I almost need to get a driver send me home… But luckily I still can drove back home….

Well thanks for all of your wishes and celebration !!!! Love all of you!! Muaks…
Damage on bday eve!!

20130107-180801.jpgAfter couple of drink , I look so blur and high!!! OMG!!








Note: Thanks Rachel & Stef for the pic!!!

xoxo, Louise

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