Surprised me !

I truly in love with the land I came from – the tiny little Island, Penang!!!

It been a while I went back since Sept 2012… However I didn’t hang around and check out this lovely island… Finally , this trip back home I managed drag myself out from my comfort bed and spend some times with friends…..

Thanks Lomax for bringing me to such a lovely place for coffee and cake… This place really surprised me .. Cause it don’t look like a restaurant to me , it just look like an unique history old building !!!!! Well by the time I open the door it was so shock that it was well design and decorated !!! Feel so comfortable in there …. It was the famous ChinaHouse maybe you have heard or been there before!!!

This is the interior design for the cafe …

After that, we have our great chatting moment there for couple hours …Apart from that , they do served yummy cake!! I’m impressed with taste :p


I will be back again to this lovely cafe & lounge!!!
xoxo, Louise

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