Sunday Night out

After a year , they are back in town again! Wondering who I’m referring to?? They are ” Euro Fun Fair” ! Same venue as  last year , the Euro Fun Park is  just right infront of Bukit Jalil Stadium car park.

Well nothing much change, except the puzzle gaming prizes are different those fun rides all still the same!! The entrance fee is affordable for all , for adult is cost only RM4 and for kid is RM2. Each token charges RM2. However, it’s hot and humid inside the park!!! So my advise to you  is do not wear long pant !! Just wear something that you’re comfortable with!

A lot of booths inside the fun park, it have several puzzle games such , Bingo, Dart , Lucky Number, Pin-Ball , Fishing  & etc!   (refer above & below pic). Each game have different prizes , it come with all size ( from huge to tiny) of teddy bears and dolls.


This is our favourite game throughout the night , Dart! We won 4 teddy bears  from this booth!!!  How to win a teddy ? Player will need to shoot 5 balloons as per below pic! It quite fun playing it 🙂


Prizes of the night, the 4 teddy


If you’re fun park  lover, don’t sit there and wasting your time! Just move and pay a visit to Bukit Jalil Stadium!

P/S: I’m no sure when this fun park will be ended , the organiser didn’t put up any banner for it.

xoxo, Louise

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