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Another girl outing today… What we done for the day?? We attended a make up class @ Kuchai Lama =)

This is my second make up class, and today I learned another technique on how to apply based, blending 2 eyes shadow colour , straight eyes liner , zigzag mascara and etc. Other than that, we also learnt how to put on Smokey Eyes and also natural eyes!

Although, I’m not used to it ( putting on “face art” , however found it’s fun to do it once a while but not everyday!!! It’s took me a long tome to finish up a full make up ( from based to lips). Yeah , I admit after applying make up to our face we look so fresh and great, however for me I think this will only happened few times in a year for me … As I’m too “hardworking” for it!!!!
The Green Blended …


Me with my very 1st Natural eyes ( 2 colors blended) make up

Me and my girls , after we completed our full make up. The Natural Eyes.

Too bad we forgot to take pic for our smokey eyes look… We all look so cool with it !!! We are too happy that we managed to master how to do smokey eyes … *wink wink*…

xoxo, Louise

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