You’re sick or what?

Will you switch off your fridge while you’re away?  maybe like a week or more?

During my coffee session today, one of my friends shared her story with me…. her landlord requested her to clear off all the food she kept in the fridge before she leave town for CNY holidays! And the reason is because he freaking want to POWER OFF the fridge when they are out of town!!! Who on earth will off their fridge  while we are away for a one freaking week!!!

if you’re telling me that you’ll be travelling for a few months then it’s fine … but this is only one freaking week!!! What is the point of switching it off … Is it the matter of electric bill? How much it can cost you with it? RM10-RM20 maybe….  Can someone enlighten me why we need to off it while we are away only for a week …. WHY!!!

Here you go with the most classical story I ever heard, after switching off the fridge,  if there is any “precious” which need to be store in cold; he will actually bring it over to his friend’s house and borrow their fridge to keep his precious!!! While my friend told me this part I was like seriously… which human on earth will actually will “borrow”  fridge from your friend… just because you want to freaking off your fridge!!!! wth…FML !!! Why can’t you keep it in your own , instead of sending over to your friend’s .. I don’t see any point of doing all this non sense.. are you sick or what… who on earth do all this classical stuff…………..

after hearing all this rubbish ! I feel blessed cause my housemate will never tell me that he want to power off the fridge while we are out of town…. else I really dunno what gonna happened to me .. I guess I will tell him is ok i will cover the bill for this month.. Don’t worry!!!





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