such a B.A.D day I had!

I declared today is ” NO MOBILE DAY” for me.. starting last night, my mobile starting to give me “surprise”, it randomly shutting down without giving me any signal!!! Damn it….


Fantastic , it totally shuts down today!!!  After several times of random power down, it decided to take a long sleep…. No matter how many times I pressed the home + sleep button!! It never give me any responses at all, it ignored me to the max!!!!!  WTH!!! Really a bad day for me…. I can’t make call , whatapps,  FB, Dayre and a lot more….. My mobile is my only entertainment while I’m in office!!  You must be wondering why I say so… cause I’m working in a bank, so basically the bank have make a their decision to BLOCK all the social network and video site for protecting the data of the bank!!! So while I feel stress or tired of looking at the document or tools I looked at daily , I will take a break via my mobile… But today I can’t do anything without my mobile… Such a crap day for me…

I always wondering can I live without my phone…After today experience, proven I can’t live with a phone or internet!!! Damn it.  What an addicts i’m !! It’s not good…

And now I’m sitting back home and stare at my laptop screen and iTunes loading bar… while it’s restoring my phone; what a wonderful Friday I had!!   * Finger crossed* hopefully my phone will back to normal after the restoring… so not used to the life without a gadget in my hand…


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