Ready for the year of Horse?

新年快乐 (xin nian kuai le) !! aka Happy Chinese New Year!

I bet everyone is busy with their reunion dinner now !!! I had done mine … simple and fast 😉 … this year again my family decided to have the traditional reunion dinner ,  Steamboat . What about yours ? What you had for your dinner? Steamboat as well… or your family planned something special … Let’s share with me , so I can apply to my family  next year, as I’m feel bored with steamboat plus I’m not a steamboat person also …

Before the network get congested , I would like to with all of you Happy Horse Year to you and your beloved family !! and May your dream come true , stay healthy & wealthy throughout the year!!!

*Huat ar !! Huat ar !! Huat ar!! *  

Happy 2014




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