The Moment

Shared your “moment” with someone you trust!

Moment sharing play an important role in our life! Why I say so?? Because I believe in it! Wherever I feel sad or stress , I will try to share it with the trusted one.. Before it screwed me up!!!

I feel better after throwing it out , it helps to clear my head and it make me a better person… Meanwhile I also managed to get advise from them on how or what to do with it!!!

So please do not keep all the “story” within your head!! You need to let is go else it will mess up your mind and You will started to feel lost!!! Once you feel lost then you’re Fuxked !!! A lot of non-sense gonna happen between you and your friends and family. Cause you started to lost all your mind and thought! Which its the most scary part!!!

So make sure you have bonding time once a while with your friend to refresh your head and mind as well as soul!



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