Hardwork pay off….

Again it’s performance season , where everybody is taking about the letter that their manager is going to release to them !! Some people will be very happy and some will be unhappy or sad…

This year is my 1st time releasing letter to people , and the ironic part is that the rating , wasn’t done by me …. All had been finalised before I took over the team ! However I’ll be the one who need to relsease the letter the team, and of course I won’t have any comment or input for all….

I feel bad when I hand out the letter to the staff who doesn’t do well in their performance review in 2016! Although some of the people for me i think they dont deserve such rating , but what can I say more … Let work it out in 2017! Sometime i;m thinking , how could a manager didn’t even mentioned to their staff on what is upcoming tregedy or disaster that gonna hit them….. at least give them a head up to ready on what is going to hit them….

And for myself, finally all my hardwork pay off I got what I wish for ! At least I can balance up the stress and thingy I seen now ….. wish me luck! I’m thinking how long I can actually hold on to my current position !

I’m thinking of starting something new .. New job scope … new position , new enviroment ….. Meanwhile wish me luck on my new challenage and work that I’m currently holding ….


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