A walk down memory lane 2017…

In 2017 I mostly focus in my personal grown …. throughout the years there are a lot of challenges , high and low side of it! Nevertheless , it was a wonderful for me which i felt I has achieved what I want… and to be the person I want to be !

Starting 2017 , I took up a new challenge in my career path , which helped me grown a lot in my personality ; meanwhile it also gave me an idea on what I really wanted for my life and becoming a better person….

So time in April , I lose someone who I worked closely with for the past 10 years…..it really a pain to lose someone nice and you respect! Everything happened too fast ,and I don’t even have a chance to say good bye to her …. After the lost , I started to understand we shouldn’t take life for granted , we should appreciated and cherish the person , friends and family around us before thing getting too late for us. “Fay, you will be missed !”

I went on a holidays to Bali Indonesia with my buddies in May ,overall this is a “NO activities” trips where I just spent time with a few close friends to celebrate life , trying out new restaurant in town. This is the annual trip that we promised each other we will travel and spent time together to re-charge.

The biggest highlight in 2017 , was definitely buying a home ! I never thought this day would come but it finally here. I feel so real , blessed and fortunate to ave my own house; after years and years of hard work . And it seem to be pay off now. It definitely bring me to the next chapter of my life , and I’m glad to share with everyone ! ^_*

Well , I keep asking myself what I want to achieved in 2018, and how I can push my boundaries …… Honestly I being asking myself everyday, but I don’t seem to get any answer for it…. Perhaps I should go for a short trip to think about it .. what I want in 2018 ….

To be continue

xoxo, Louise

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