About Me

I’m a Penangsite, who is born and raise in Penang, Malaysia! Currently live in Kuala Lumpur….An oridinary chinese but a little off with all the chinese tradition….. 

For me I group myself as a fun person , but sometime a little bit off track , crazy, mad , and of course sometime I’m the joker to them .. however some of them disagreed with who I’m , they always say I’m a very serious person! So my replied to those whose commented it mean you yet to know me well……. 

if you wish me to know me more , don’t be shy… you can msg or email me ! I will share more with you… or you can read thur my “Journal” , you may feel or found out more on who am I ! 

The tagline I love the most would be ” I’m who I’m , take it or leave it!”, don’t you agreed with me ? Else …… for you to find out what is next… 

CIAO …. 

Lou’s words.

Feb 2017

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