Year 2006

..“ Year 2006 “..


Is been another
year for u and me!!! It is 2…0…0…6 … I wish that will be a good year for all
of us!!  .. Happy belated new year to the
whole wide world!!! Any wishes for 2006???



Last month – Dec I
meet with an accident near by Sg Boluh Jejantas restaurant there, that is a bad
and scary experience for me n my friends… lucky the god is there with us.. Else
I guess me n my friends were killed in that accident already… cz we stopped
at the emergency lane. because my damn car break down so I need to stop over
there … while we waiting for the town truck to come , suddenly there is a
stupid and sleepy lorry came to bang  us
.. At the back part of d car.. Beside that, my friend’s car also kena bang.. Shit
really doesn’t know… What the heck is the lorry driver is doing.. How come he
kenot c us.. That place is so bright… sumore beside us there are flat … dunno
la… That is really a bad dec for me … sumore dat that was x;mas eve.. Black
Xmas I hv, isk… isk…



hello i jz uploaded  my new pic which i took at hong kong during my holidays … heheh .. i didnt take much photo over there cz the weather thr no nice … aik.. wasted … a lot of place also didnt go .. cz heavy rain thr.. aik… storm all over thr … really wasted my trip.. so pity .. feel so sad abt it … cz all the pic i took no nice .. i looked so damn fat in d photo.. too bad … nvm i will go to visit thr again .. jz wait for me .. i will be thr soon … wauhahaha.. go to hv a look of my new pic … n gv me some comment on it .. TQ and hv a nice …. heheheh.. muaks…