Meet which a MAD & RUDE woman on the road!!

*16.08.06 , Morning*
Happy Birthday Khur
Fu!!! May your dream come true and all the best ya!!! Nvm la, I guess this year
Ur birthday will be different lor. CZ a lot of
“guest” will accompany u for the whole night!! Wauhaha should be no problem for
u! What a special birthday!! Enjoy it ya… Don’t waste it a!!

What a bad morning today, after I sent Hope to her office,
then I was on my way to office. Before I reach office nearby at kerinchi link
all things going smooth, after I pay the RM1.50 toll. Then I headed to my
office ( after paying toll , is already near my office) , there will be a
junction(before u reach Eastin hotel) before I can reach my office , and at the
junction there I need to cut into my left side which is the way to sksyen 16 .
So I put on my signal light so I cut into the lane!! There is a mad and rude
woman (actually she is a lady late or middle of 20), she drive like mad don’t
let me cut in, she step on her fuel and come
fast toward the line , damns!!!!! Lucky I drive quiet slow at that
moment!! Those idiot Malay women almost bang my car!! After that she seems like
“tak puas hati”, then she turned her face and scolded something to me … hahaha,
but too bad I cant hear what the heck she is saying or scolding also … So she
will be the one who can hear only in the car!! She acts so lansi sumore! Guess
what!!! She is driving just a small green
KIA, Picanto only!!! Really don’t understand what to act also la… aik… Really
stupid, u knows!! Gosh… I guess she is no the only one who act like that, there
is also a lot of human act like that also … aik… just a way, can’t just let
people cut in mer… Shits…
“Wai? Sei yer, remember what u have told me
a!!! So make sure u can make it ok… the promised between u and me if u gets one
u hv to let go another one!! Can’t keep two at the same time!!! “,
this is
the msg for YML!! Wish u can see and
read my msg la ok… Today, she got an interview, good luck ya… And be
confident o!! U can do it!!! All the best lor… Waiting for Ur GOOD and HAPPY
news here a!!!
Last night I was home alone! So cham ma, all went out! Leave
me alone in the house!!! =( At the moment I tot of wanna go out also for drink
with friends , but at last I give up cz
I m so lazy to go out ..Hahaha…so finally I also hide myself in the house
together with the big screen in the living room!! Hehehe… yesterday 8TV hv a
nice show, Oliver Twist, the guy name Jamie, I like to see the way he cooked
for his friends in his TV program is nice!! Last night he showed the way to
cook the original Italian Bolognese, it look so nice and tasty I tot of wanna
try to cook!! But dunno can make it o not!!
The ingredient that he used was beef, raw tomato, carrot, onion, 2 cans
of tomato source, rosemary and some bacon! All this is the ingredients that he
used! Oop… I leave out one more things, which is my fav cheese,
parmesan!!! Let me check when I can try
it on myself!! I will post it here and share with u all!!

……………to be cont………..