Let’s welcome it

Few more hours , we are going to say Good Bye and thank to 2014! and Say Hello to 2015… so what is your plan on last Wednesday night for 2014???

For those who is going for drinking , please be safe and don;t drink & drive…. however those who still don’t have any plan , make a plan now….

Happy advance New Year to you and your family! 








xoxo, Louise

air, I need some air!

I need a break!

Seriously I need some fresh air NOW !!! Is time for me to get out from this busy town … I need some space to for myself  and release whatever is in my head….. If continue with it  for sure I’ll burst!!!

I have no idea  since when I had lost my temper and EQ ! I totally did’t realized it until just now , a friends of mine told me  ” Clam down , you need to control your emo.”  She asked me , ” what wrong with you , why your EQ so low these day ?”   I stunned for a while after all….

Now I’m asking myself, what is wrong with me ? Too stress ? Unhappy? or what…. I believe I know what is my issue is !  What I need to do  for now , I will need to clam myself  down each time I faced or talk  to an idiot or moron. It may sound easy, but it’s hard to do so !!! (=.=”)   God bless me … I hope I won’t explore any time soon, I think it almost hit peak!

In 10 freaking years of working life, I never meet with  a “wonderful” person like him… someone like to act smart but know nothing about it …. always want people to obey with what he say …. how to communicate with these kind of people?? Any similar cases happened to you before , if yes please do share with me how I can deal or talk with him ……

Wish Me a lot lot of luck …..

xoxo, Louise



Scooter oh Scooter…. Let’s go for a ride… and of course a glass of Hot Latte!!

Exploring new cafe in town, Oh Scooter Cafe located at Subang USJ 21/10 !!!!


Their environment is quite cozy and relax! If you’re looking for a place to catch up with your besties , you may consider here…

Place your order here!!!

Their signature coffee served with cotton candy!!! Well I didn’t order it… Cause I forget about their signature coffee ! So i steal this pic from someone .. Just to share how their signature look like !



“Nom nom”

It’s been a while I went for street food !! I’ not too sure why I stopped visiting it . And yesterday I went back to one of my usual spot for street food  ” Lok -Lok” ,where all the food are served in stick just like the pic below … IMG_0149.JPG


Look at all the yummy sticks…. I feel like taking all of them, too bad My tummy can’t fit it all! LoL

So ended up , I only picked up my all time favorite – bacons, oyster mushroom, pork-balls, squid, and “fu chok” ( bean curd skin) ! Hahaha so stratifying after the meal!! My god… Eating like a pig !!! With so much of order… LoL…



Let’s see what I brought back today !!! And where have I been ??? You will never believe it ….

On such a beautiful Sunday …I went to Malaysia BookFest 2014by Popular which take place at KLCC !! It was not part of my Sunday plan…. But it just ” happened”!

Even it’s not part of my plan, I also picked up few copies of novel in both english and chinese . Why I bought? It’s because they are so cheap!!


Alright is time for me to fill up my spare time with all these books instead of just “nua” !!! But I doubted myself … LoL …