how r u my friend??

good morning dear friend.. r u ok now.. got feel better o not.. dun think too much for certain things ok.. jz need to open ur mouths and ask for an understanding .. dun keep on repeat ur own mistake… i know now u r really " pang huang" but u need to take good care for urself .. dun mix up ur mind until u kenot rest urself ok.. try to relax .. n dun think all over again .. as u said wat u told me .. u  need to time to calm down urself .. for wat is going on now.. dun worry no matter wat is going on u til hv a brah of friends stay beside u ok.. when u feel like wanna find some1 to tok o listen 2 u .. we will always stay by ur side n stand by for u anytime n any place  OK ??
may some1 tell wat mean by emotional ?? i really can c it last 9 damn keng man .. i really get a shock  a joke may u take it serious ?? will u ?  heeh… hello .. friends dun scare me n make me stuck in d JAM .. cz i really jam while i c dat kind of situation..i dunno how n wat should i do .. i tot u were jz kidding man. how come  u sudden act so serious wor…aiyo…lucky i didnt hv heart attack else i guess i will admmite to HOSPITAL .. u get wat i mean o not a.. =P … 
wah … 9.24am de .. is time to start my work lioa ..else later  my boss come in c wat i m doing i will kena liao lor.. heheh okla .. is time for work  de!!!!


key ? whr u hide urself ..T_t’

joke of the day!!! is presented by me  ~  lousie again .. hahahaha.. terrible , horrible and VEGETABLE .. y i always do such crazy and non sense stuff in my life … hahah  i really cant stand for myself… hahha ..  what do u think ???? wat a joker man .. wat happened again a.. wanna kay po abt it ?? heheh … u can read until dis sentence dat mean u also damn kay po de … else u wont cont till here … ms/mr kay po ..hehhe
" the joke for 14th july year 2005 is  i put my car key togather with the instant noodle in d kicthen ma!!! n everybody is looking for it!!!"  all dis happened due to my " blur blur" attitute wat… aik.. pai sei nia la .. anyway .. i guess u all used to dis de la hahah nvm a.. once a while it is fun also ler.. heheh u enjoy it jz now dan , walking up n down to look for d key !!! tell u la dan , once u  steped out fr d house we oleri found d key jz we duwan to  inform u oli la.. wuahhahaha… dun get mad if u wanna get mad go for chaoder ok.. hehehhe….
then i sat in front of the comp and  " kay po" wif my friends.. out of sudden tm net down for a moment den i feel so fuck up then i went inside my nice n cold room ( compare with dan’s room ) to statify my laziness… after half n hours if i m no mistaken i falll as sleep til dan wake me up for d car key – cz he couldnt get in d living room as well as my room .. actuallly dat moment i also dunno whr i put d damn key oleri .. hahah i was blur at dat time .. hahah jz awake by ppl ma of course blur la.. i guess u can understood la.. dis kind situation .. ehehehhe.. mid nite some more ler.. hehehhe…
late at nite , every body is bz looking for d DAMN keys !!! fuck it.. luck no tomolo oli reliase dat my keys is lost … wauhahha… if it happen tomolo morning be4 i go to work i guess i will damn panic cz i might  late for work ..n no will help me to find it cz all oleri die on their lovely bed de… exspecially DAN … wauhahahahah .. sumore rachel is no here … for sure no one will help me to find dat damn branch of keys … aik. luck it happened in d nite ..
ehehhe .. damn pai sei la me .. o god !!! wat happened to me.. i guessed all dis happened is due to stress la.. dont u think so ?? heheh .. is another excauses  dat i gv to myself la.. heheh.. woo.. is time go to bed de lo.. else tomolo will feel damn tired de… cz cont for few i slept late … soon i think i wil look like zombie .. jz like last time in college de.. hehehhe…. one things.. for sure.. dun  mix ur keys with the noodle .. hehehe

hair treatment!!

good morning .. * * wat a gd day today … my days is no bad .. however dis morning when  i reached office, my office door til locked n no one hv d key to open it o my god we all keep standing  out side the office and waiting 4 the key guy/gal to come over and open d damn door for us .. else i really dunno wat time we’ll need to wait de … aik.. i was standing thr for abt 15 – 20 min .. anyway compare with one of my coll sumita she is d pitiest cz she is d one who waiting for more than 30min .. she is the one that who always came to office 2nd earlt in d morning … i guess U should to duplicate a pair brunch of office keys .. else next time u need to stand for another 30min dear …hehehhe … all d best ..

as my style i go  straight n sit at the back door straicase thr and waited for them to open d door … mean while i try to connected to msn through my mobile cilaka who know it keep on disconnected .. damn it … palia betul la d connection ….dunno when they r going to update the server ?? u know o not maxis we r waiting for  u to update ur mobile server to provide a better services to us!!! pls be awake of it … cz recently ur services keep on giving us some minor problem … during we make call…

woo .. today i has a brand new grow hair !! heheh.. cz last 9 i went to  saloon n did a scalp hair treatment it cost me RM165.00 .. o god i guess dis month  i need to makan rumput de jz like wat v see to those who always did it end  of the month. *  * anyway it is worth to do dat. now i hv a sofr and sliky hair for d day and month.. it really feel great with all dat.. come on let do it n let ur hair down n enjoy the teratment it realy refresh ur mind n soul .. u will feel like hving  a brand new hair .. besides dat u can also feel dat ur hair become veli light  n smooth…. *_*