woo..finally ~ @_@

wah .. how come u woke up so early a.. i m wonder wat mae u woke up so early to read my blog lar.. heeheh .. anyway pls jz be patient … dun go to wash room yet o… let finish up wat i wrote over here then oli go to rest room can o not ??

aiyaya… my working days started fr the day dat i joined my company til now it is going oto reached 1 month de.. and i m going to earn my own money for my own expenses de!!! It’s so nice and good !!! i feel good … la laa la laa… wauhahahha … i guess no much ppl can tahan which wat i has wrote over here … beside that dis coming SUNDAY , 29.05.2005 is my graduration (convo) but i m no going to attend it !! too bad i will oli attend for DEC convo.. so i need to grad with some other at DEC de.. too bad .. n all my previous will go for grad studio photo . anyway i m no going to join for shooting .. cz i need 2 work during weekday .. they wont choose photo shooting at weekend .. aik.. pity me .. too bad .. but nvm la i can took it with some of my friends …

Actually i m in d office now.. today is really a boring and tired day .. i dunno wat to do .. and feel so sleepy too.. sleepy is my own my problem!! i cant sleep last 9 so i ask my friends go for loafing at KL town .. yeye .. we went to CHOW KIT .. finally i seen d "gals" dat i really miss a lot.. they r damn pretty lor.. (jz some of them lar) of course no all la..  one things i can surely said dat is their breast is damn huge and hard from d view dat i can c!!! woo… i really feel like wanna touch them n find out is that a real one o wat .. o wat it made from ?? heheh i think u all who is reading this .. U will said that i m crazy n insense!!! hehehe .. the truth is sometimes i m crazy lor.. hahahah .. wauhahhaah.. dun be surprise … i m dat kind of person … hehe i can hv fun , non-sense wit u .. n so much more….

wah.. i hv wrote so much de a… ok liao lor.. no feel like wanna cont de… feel so lazy de .. wanna go to wash room de ..jz wait for d other msg n note .. i wil be here soon .. wauhahhaa.. although sometime i wont login to public my feeling n story here .. but if when i fre i will drop a lot  lot of things in here … ok .. 88

HAVE A NICE DAY !! aiya .. forget tim .. should be said hv a nice WEEKEND!! hehehe

wooo… again .. is another borong nite for me .. i jz came back fr yam char.. but after dat i till feel so boring cz after came home i got nothing to do  ler.. aik… for d following week ..i think i will die la. cz i really got nothing to do  for d whole week man … terrible … i should book my air ticket early a… so i no need to stay here for so long la.. n wastng my time here do nothing also … aik… pity man …

last 9, there is something no happy to me .. it happened around 12am something .. i m planned wanna goto bed.. then one of my friends he called me .. n ask me izzit ur house got any drink to drink o not.. then i asked bk u got no drink to drink a… then i said i wanna sleep de… after that he said that .. u r a liar .. u dun like to me .. u r no going to  sleep wat ..wat.. n blur blur a lot of things dat i duwan to hear..he tot dat he know me very well actually he is no..  but how i gonna tell him abt dat … ??? can u tell me dat .. i feel bad abt it …

wat a tired day today!

today is really a tired day for me … i was rushing my project for the whole day.. n until i foret to hv my dinner .. aik.. i m so blur.. n blue … nvm finally i hv done all my things de ..hehe later can hv a good nite sleep n is time to enjoy my new year holidays …hurry … actually i m in my holidays mood for a few days de .. no feel like wanna do anything .. just feel like wanna go home n hang around with my buddies… i m waiting for dat moment .. but nvm a.. next friday i can go home de … it jz need one hour i can reach my house de.. i can go hang around n loafing with my friends de .. wat about u !! once more thing is happened yesterday … i was so happy and excited .. ahhha cz finally i has bought the bra that i like .. once  i bought 3 set od bra at a time ll it cost me RM300++ o my god .. i  m broke .. anyway it is nice n happy cz i really like dat bra … heheheh i think i m mad de … do u feel dat too….. aik…….….

after lunch

woo.. is another day 4 me de.. wat a boring saturday .. dunno whr to go and wat to do … feel like wanna go  lepak but all d fucking trafics r jam .. shit man how to go  out a.. jam like hell …. anyone hv any suggestion o not.. damn it … from now jz leave 3 weeks to cny .. all d bugs is coming out for new year shopping … so they all make d traffic jam like shit man … oh my god….