Health Sunday?

Guess what I did on the sunny Sunday?!? You will never believe on what I have done!!! Even myself also can’t believe it!!!!! I went cycling today!!!!!

Again our last min plan, cycling at Cahaya Hill, Shah Alam. After I heard what is their plan I’m still thinking want to join them for the plan or not?? I can’t remember when was my last cycling !

At last, I also joined them for the cycling When I started the ride! I regretted cause there are so many slope!! It’s killing ms and I can’t handle it … I can only handle straight and long ride without any slope….

After 30mins ride , few of us decided to turn back … Cause we are too tired to continue the journey!! After this trip, i found out that I really long time didn’t exercise already, totally don’t have stamina for all these sport activity!!!! I guess is time to pick up a regular exercise to keep ourselves health…. (but I guess the chances that i would pick up is very low) ^_^

Camwhoring while waiting for other to come back….


Again camwhoring…

Initially it should be a health Sunday, however it turned to a torturing Sunday for me !! I need to stay away from these sport activity for a while to balance up … LOL …

What you think , should I?

xoxo, Louise