Day 2- I’m on holidays!

What I had done for today? Exploring  District 1 of HCM , heart of the city! Also of course my favourite activity , food hunting !

After one day of exploring , the only thing i can be sure would be there are a lot of bikes in the city … And the road is always busy and full of bikes…. 

District 1 HCM,look like a mini KL to me; maybe because it’s still under development . I didn’t visit any of the attarction nearby ( just don’t feel like going ) , perhaps Sat I will check them out 🙂 .. But I booked an one day tour to Mekong Delta tomorrow ! 

Wondering what I had today?? Lolllz …! Today I went to a famous hand pull noodle , Tam Hao ! 

Please ignored the 2 photobombs
Main entrance of the restaurant , and please ignored the 2 photobombs
Our appetizer “Bánh củ cải” or Turnip cakes
My lunch , “Mì sốt dầu hào & nấm” (Noodle with mushroom & Oyster sauce )
“Mì xá xíu sủi cảo” or Noodle with char siu and clear soup

Basically, today I didn’t do much just walked around and huntfor local food! I managed to try their famous spring roll at this restaurant,Gánh . I forget to snap a pic for this restaurant! 

I had my tea time here and ordered a platter and spring rolls….  

  Then follow by my dinner…. Went for an French dinner recommended by a friend, La Nicoise! If you’re hungry, please off it … Else you might ended up cursing me … Lolzzzz 

Dinner of the night…. 


… Alio Olio …
Salad Nicoise ( served with Tuna)
BBQ pork culets

Yeah I know , I had too much of foods today!!! Lollllll …  

Before I sign off for the day let me share one last pic …. This is the traditional classic Vietnam Coffee….  “Phuc Long” … 


Lollszzzz dont curse me please…. Im going to bed now… Getting ready for my Mekong Tour tomorrow …. Nightz!!! 


Day 1- I’m on holidays!

Hei people ! I’m in Ho Chi Minh now…. Reached here around 5pm , and have some rest in our hotel before heading for dinner with a new meet friend Alex. 

He brought us to a local restaurant called “Bun Bo Ganh 88”, Omg they really served great pho (noodle); noodle is so “Q” and soup is nice compare to the one I had in KL! Such a big different!!! OMG!!

“Ta-da” this is the shop which served yummy spicy noodle …. 

Ba Bun Ganh 88
interior of Bun Bo Ganh 88

I have no idea what was written on the menu, luckily Alex is there to translate for us , else we have no idea what is what.. .At last I decided to have their legandary ice coffee! It smell & taste so good!  

Let me present my dinner to you,this is so yummy!!! In this big bowl of noodle it consist of beef, pork, pork balls, & fish cake! Yummilicious ! 


“Bun bo” ( Spicy noodles)
Next on the list is a local snack caller rice cake. It’s so delicious too, it taste like our yam cakes 🙂 

“Banh Beo” ( Rice Cakes)